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APW Plumbing Podcast

Listen to APW Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Help for Homes every Saturday at Noon. This show is focused on the Dixie Difference! What is the Dixie Difference?MORE

Americas Health Advocate

America’s Healthcare Advocate

Listen to KCMO Talk Radio Saturdays at 2pm  for America’s Healthcare Advocate as we discuss the importance of life insurance and how to purchase it in the most cost effective matter and why buying it online or from a quoting service may not be your best option. Cary Hall, host of America’s Healthcare Advocate and…MORE

Retire Right Sat and Sun

Retire Right with Alan Becker

Listen to Retire Right at 11AM on Sundays on KCMO Talk Radio with Alan Becker, CEO of Retirement Solutions Group, Inc., and RSG Investments, Inc.. Alan is a leader in the world of financial security for pre-retirees and retirees. Alan is an insurance and investment professional with over 18 years of experience helping his clients learn to…MORE


Wendy’s Coffeehouse

  Spend an hour in Wendy’s Coffeehouse for a quirky mix of current news headlines and interviews showcasing individuals with a passion for mystery and a penchant for the unknown, unexplained or unusual.  Locally originated and live, Wendy takes listeners on a unique exploration of topics such as UFO sightings, ghost encounters, near death experiences,…MORE


The Retirement Income Hour – Mark Falter

Listen to The Retirement Income Hour Mark Falter from Mid-American Wealth Advisory Group on 9 am Saturday, and Sundays at 9am and 2pm Mark Falter is the President of Mid-American Wealth Advisory Group, Inc. and has more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. Mark is frequently sought out to share his insights on the…MORE

Protecting Your Retirement - Don Wales 2020

Protecting Your Retirement

Tune in every Saturday from 1 to 2pm as Don Wales gives you the info you need to protect your retirement. There are safe financial choices, and you can preserve and grow the money you will need to enjoy the future. Don and his network of financial professionals are ready to help you cultivate you assets for growth in every…MORE