Red Eye Radio (12am-4am)

Eric Harley

Tune in to Red Eye Radio every night on KCMO Talk Radio 710. Whether you’re behind the wheel or just can’t sleep, you’re never alone Midnight to 4a. The Midnight Radio Network is the country’s national clearinghouse of information, thoughts and opinions of the American Truck Driver. Award Winning hosts Eric Harley and Gary McNamara engage their millions of listeners and callers with the major issues of the day including current events, legislation, popular culture, family issues, trucking news and information, detailed national weather forecasts, safety tips and interviews.

Gary McNamara

The Midnight Radio Network has done this by consistently providing up to the minute news, information and entertainment with one key goal:  create a positive in-cab experience while helping listeners become more efficient and stay entertained while on the road.  

The show’s Katy-Award Winning Hosts, Eric Harley and Gary McNamara, together bring the show over 40 years of broadcast experience.  MTRN’s on-air talent, combined with strongly branded resources, enable The Midnight Radio Network to deliver a quality broadcast and maintain the highest standards in the industry.