University of Kansas Health System has 8,000 vaccine appointments open

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) — The University of Kansas Health System says that they have 8,000 vaccine appointments available.

The appointments are open to “anyone who lives in Kansas or works in Johnson County,” they say.

“The bottom line is, any resident of Kansas – please call to get an appointment whether you are our patient or not. And, if you live in Missouri or elsewhere and work in JoCo, come get a shot,” they say.

They say there are three ways to get an appointment:

Visit <a href=””></a>Call 913-588-1227If you are already a patient within their network of hospitals, go to the MyChart website or app and get an appointment.

“We are doing clinics seven days a week, various locations,” they say. “Folks will learn where to go when they make their appointment.”

“We’ve gone from people anxious about getting the shot to having thousands sitting on the shelf,” says Jill Chadwick with the University of Kansas Health System. “[We] need to get this vaccine into arms.”