Retired KCPD Sgt testifies witness shared a moniker close to Strickland’s nickname at scene

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) — A retired KCPD Sgt was part of a street task force which shifted around Kansas City in 1979.

Larry Gilmer took the stand to testify about what he heard the night of the triple murder which should have left Cynthia Douglas dead.

Douglas survived and was bleeding when Gilmer arrived at the house she crawled to for help.

“She had some type of compress up against I believe her left knee. there was blood coming from her knee. there was blood running down on the floor and she was sobbing and obviously in a lot of pain,” Gilmer said

Gilmer testified to went to a nearby house where 3 people had been executed. He spent between 10-15 minutes at that location before returning to Douglas to see if she could provide any clues.

Lawyer: Did you talk with the woman a second time?

Gilmer: Yes

Lawyer: Why did you do that?

Gilmer: I wanted to know if I could obtain any suspect information.

Lawyer: What did you say to the woman?

Gilmer I asked her who shot her and who shot the other people.

Lawyer: What did she tell you?

Gilmer: She gave me three names—she gave me a moniker. I understood her to say “Naudi”like N-A-U-D-I, N-A-U-T-I I asked her a second time and I heard the same, I heard…the room was very crowded still, and that’s what I understood her to say. She also gave me the names of a Vincent Bell and a Kilm Atkins.

Lawyers supporting Strickland questioned how clear the retired sergeant could be 43 years later pointing to inconsistencies.

Gilmer says that night stands out in him mind only second to when a fellow officer was shot and killed.

He repeated numerous times on the stand that Cynthia Douglas gave him that nickname which eventually led to Strickland who went by “Nardi.” Nardi is short for Strickland’s middle name, Bernard.

Attorneys for Strickland point out the house where was crowded and chaotic. They also point out Gilmer left Douglas for at least 10 minutes.

They believe others at the scene suggested Strickland and Cynthia Richardson did not organically identify Strickland as the gunman.

Richardson is now dead. Her loved ones have testified she regretted her identification of Kevin Strickland and tried to help him before her death.