Page: St. Louis County hopes to spend Rams settlement money on something that makes difference to residents

CLAYTON, Mo. ( – St. Louis County Executive Sam Page says he hopes money from the settlement with the NFL and Rams will be spent on something that makes a meaningful difference to St. Louis County residents.

St. Louis County, St. Louis City and the Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVC) agreed to a $790 million settlement with the Rams and NFL on Wednesday. The three entities had sued the NFL and Rams over the team’s move to Los Angeles, alleging the league did not follow its own relocation rules, and accusing the Rams and NFL of <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>lying about what their intentions were.</a>

About $514 million will go to St. Louis City, County and the CVC. City and County leaders say they are soon going to start having conversations about how the settlement money will be divided.

“We’ll find a path forward that’s fair to all defendants and put this money to work in St. Louis County in a way that impacts people the most. Its way too early to say what that’s gonna be, but we do have to listen a bit to what people have to say,” Page said Monday.

The Rams and NFL have until Christmas Eve to deliver the settlement money. There is reportedly division inside the NFL about who supposed to pay; Rams owner Stan Kroenke signed an indemnification agreement shortly before the move was approved, reportedly agreeing to cover costs of litigation if St. Louis sued. According to reports, however, Kroenke told other owners he should pick up the entire tab.

Page adds he believes the funds will not be used to stabilize the budget.