Multiple people injured following explosion at Raytown duplex

RAYTOWN, MO (KCTV) — The authorities are investigating after multiple people were injured Monday night in what’s being called an explosion.

According to the Raytown Police Department, they received a call just before 7 p.m. that said there was a house explosion in the 7400 block of Englewood Lane.

When they arrived at the scene, they realized the structure was a duplex.

There are “multiple injured parties” according to police, but an exact number is not currently available. However, they did say the number of people injured is in the single digits.

No details are available about those injured. Their condition, medically, is unknown.

The ATF, Raytown police and fire departments and the Missouri State Fire Marshals Office will return to the scene Tuesday morning after a search warrant is obtained for the property. It is standard procedure in fire and explosion investigations such as this, for law enforcement to secure a warrant before beginning our examination of the scene.

Updates will be provided after ATF agents are able to physically examine the structure and surrounding area.

KCTV5 News spoke to Jon Ashley at the scene, who heard the explosion. He told us: “So, we were inside our home. A huge explosion took off and it shook the entire house, shook all of our neighbors’ houses. And when we stepped outside, then we started hearing smaller explosions. Which, I’ve lived next to firework explosions before and so my first thought was ‘huge fireworks.’ We kept hearing explosions. We walked around the corner to see debris in the street and you see the garage door in the street and see the firemen, getting children out.”