Medical exemption removed from face covering declaration

ST. JOESPH, MO (KCTV) — The medical exemption regarding face coverings and masks no longer applies to restaurants and taverns in Buchanan County.

The county’s mayor signed the amended Declaration and Order on Friday, November 20.

This amendment means people entering a restaurant or tavern will no longer be able to remove their face covering or mask claiming a medical exemption. Face coverings and masks can only be removed while eating or drinking.

Persons with medical conditions are encouraged to utilize drive-through and curbside services when patronizing restaurants.

The measure also addresses a recent increasing trend that has been reported in the transmission of COVID-19 in restaurants and taverns, and has been taken in an effort to avoid more restrictive measures such as closures, curfews, or capacity limitations in restaurants or taverns. Those limitations will be further evaluated if the transmission in restaurants and taverns remains prevalent.

The exemption will still apply to other places of employment, grocery stores, pharmacies, medical offices, and other facilities that provide goods and services that are necessary for daily activities.