Kearney School District teacher charged with sexual misconduct

KEARNEY, MO (KCTV) — A Kearney School District employee has been charged with first-degree sexual misconduct.

The Kearney School District acknowledged the news in two different statements.

They note that the individual, Bryant Hummel, has been placed on administrative leave and is not allowed to be on school property.

Additionally, they say district officials previously investigated allegations against Hummel. They say that investigation was conducted under the full extent that is allowed by law for public school districts in the state of Missouri. However, based on the information in the court documents, the district is reopening its investigation into the allegations.

“The safety of students is always our top priority,” the district’s statements said. “KSD takes all student concerns and allegations seriously, investigates them pursuant to district policies, and fully cooperates with state agencies and law enforcement.”

They say state and federal laws prevent them from sharing more information.

Hummel is 30 years old.

On the Kearney School District’s website, Bryant Hummel is listed as having taught Semester Precalculus Algebra, AP statistics, Algebra 2, and Precalculus Algebra.

KCTV5 News requested and received a copy of the probable cause statement.

According to that document, the assistant superintendent reported on April 7, 2021 that he’d started an investigation at Kearney High School regarding teacher Bryant Hummel exposing himself to two female students.

In the coming days, the authorities interviewed both students. Those students said that the incidents took place following a state wrestling tournament in 2020. They were 17 years old at the time.

They told the authorities that they were getting help with their homework in Hummel’s classroom when he stood in front of them, pulled his pants down, and exposed himself to them.

One of them asked what he was doing and he said, “Oh, I see how it is,” and went back to his desk.

A short time later, he stood behind them and exposed himself again while touching himself.

At that time, the students walked out to one of their vehicles in the parking lot.

According to the students, Hummel FaceTimed them a short time later and exposed himself yet again while asking them to do the same. One of the students said he also sent texts asking them to come to his house but they refused.

Both students said Hummel told them he would jeopardize their wrestling careers and grades if they told anyone.

On April 7, 2021, the authorities made contact with Hummel and he declined to make a statement.

Both full statements from the school district are below: