KCPD locate driver who hit downed power lines, leading to officer’s injury

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) — UPDATE: The Kansas City Police Department says they have located the vehicle and driver they were looking for.

They said someone saw a report on the news and contacted the traffic investigations unit.

Previous coverage is below.

The Kansas City Police Department says they are trying to identify who drove through downed power lines on Saturday, injuring an officer.

According to the KCPD, the incident happened at 2829 Southwest Boulevard (Margarita’s) on April 17.

Police say the driver isn’t under arrest. They are merely trying to identify who the person is and take a statement about what that person may have seen before they hit the power lines.

Police describe the vehicle as a maroon sedan and say the driver is a Black man who was wearing a yellow shirt and a black jacket.

In the video, they say he can be seen driving through at the 5:05 mark (this is in the back portion of the video, not in the foreground).

The driver then gets out of the car and checks for damage around the 5:55 mark, then leaves at the 6:05 mark. The KCPD has previous said the driver “apparently did not see the officer down at the curb several yards behind them and drove away.”

The officer, who sustained an electric shock, was recovering at home as of April 19.

At that time, a witness told police that a “street racer” was doing donuts in the road and hit a power pole, which led to the power lines falling into the road in the first place. That driver fled the scene.

The officer, who was working off-duty at a restaurant and bar, heard the commotion and went to see what was going on.

He had just stepped off the curb to try and stop traffic when the maroon sedan hit the wires, causing them to fly up and hit the officer. He was flung back in a shower of sparks, which can be seen in the video released today.

If you have any information about this incident or the who was driving the maroon sedan, you are asked to call Det. Burgess with the Traffic Investigation Unit at 816-482-8189.

The KCPD emphasizes that they are only looking to identify the driver and get more information from him.

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