Kansas City man accused of illegal autopsies faces fraud charges

Kansas City man accused of illegal autopsies faces fraud charges

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV)—A man who authorities say pretended to be a doctor and botched numerous autopsies is now facing federal fraud charges.

Shawn Parcells is charged with 10 counts of wire fraud.

Parcells has been the subject of numerous KCTV5 investigations over the past two years. He’s not a doctor, but has been paid to do hundreds of autopsies. Families from across the nation claim Parcells, under different names, took their money but never completed the autopsies.

In addition to criminal penalties, the indictment seeks to recover more than $1 million in fees paid to Parcells by the families.

We first learned about Parcells from Lacey Lanford. Upon hearing the news of the charges, she wrote to us:

I set out in pursuit of someone who could help me find the answers as to why my mom died so suddenly. Never could I have imagined such an evil monster would answer the phone that day. I was certainly not his first he took advantage of during the deepest sorrow and grief of my life, but I made a promise to be at least one of his last. This is one less evil plaguing our nation.

In addition to the federal charges filed today, Parcells faces charges criminal charges of theft and desecration of bodies in Waunbunsee County, Kansas, and numerous charges at the state level for consumer fraud. The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts has filed a civil case against him accusing him of pretending to be a doctor.

Parcells faces up to 20 years in federal prison, and a fine up to $250,000 on each count if convicted.