Annexed community pushes to reopen, repave road

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) — Strong rain this afternoon put the problems of one rural, residential road on full display.

People living off East Old Lone Jack Lee’s Summit Road in Lake Lotawana said they’ve been trying to get it fixed for years. Their efforts up to this point were dead ends.

“Our biggest issue is the pot holes. And the fact that the road is deteriorating and basically falling off the sides,” said Debbie Bowlen who lives on the road. “And, dumping.”

Debbie pointed out the steep drop off by the mail box, making it dangerous for people to get out of their cars to retrieve mail. It’s so bad the postal service has said this is enough.

“We knew this was coming sooner or later,” said Bowlen. “They would eventually quit delivering mail to us because of the danger of stepping out of their cars.”

Neighbors got a letter last week saying if something wasn’t done to fix the road they’d stop delivering or move the mailbox at the homeowners expense.

The road Debbie lives on is the city’s responsibility, even though she lives on annexed county land. The city said it addressed the safety concerns of dumping along the road first.

“We decided to go ahead and close the roads,” said city administrator Nicholas Shigouri.

Debbie said the quality of the road is her biggest concern.

“My road budget right now is about $100,000 a year,” said Shigouri. “It would cost 3 times that if we were to pay an outside company to do it and I simply needed time and money to fix it.”

The city says it now has both money and time, but Debbie is hesitant to trust their timeline. It plans to start the resurfacing process in the next few weeks and will be finished no later than May.