Some warranties may be more strict that you might assume

Some warranties may be more strict that you might assume


The next time you invest in a big ticket item, like a new piece of furniture, you might want to take a close look at the fine print.

Some warranties may be much more strict that you might assume.

That was the case with a La-Z-Boy recliner purchased by Jim and Joan Nutter, long-time customers who needed a new recline to help with medical problems following Joan Nutter’s back surgery. The chair helps lift her to a near standing position and recline into a horizontal position, to help keep her legs elevated. 

The couple spent about $2,400 on a La-Z-Boy recliner. Within a few days of use, they noticed an unsettling grinding-type noise coming from the chair, and Joan Nutter said she felt a vibration as well. 

“The noise is as if something is catching against another part of the chair. That’s what makes it a concern. I don’t need to fall,” she said.

After contacting La-Z-Boy with their concerns, a service tech was sent out to their home to check out the issue.

“There was a young man La-Z-Boy sent on a service call to check it out, said he’d never seen anyone like this,” Joan Nutter said.

The Nutters said the service technician couldn’t identify the specific problem, but felt there was something wrong. So, the Nutters were surprised when they say the store did not feel it was troublesome enough to replace the chair or offer a refund.

“At the very least, disappointing and now, someone fearful not knowing where the issue with the chair is that spring going to come loose and stab me in the back? Is it suddenly going to do more of a lurch and put me out on the floor?” Joan said.

Part of the problem was, the manufacturer’s warranty clearly states a three -day policy for returns. Even though it had only been a few weeks, that window of time had come and gone. Proving there was a serious problem with the recliner was tougher than the Nutters anticipated. 

KCTV5 News got involved, contacted La-Z-Boy, and after explaining the serious concerns the Nutters had regarding their $2,400 recliner, the company quickly refunded the purchase. 

Warranties vary with each manufacturer and retailer.  It is important to read the fine print before you buy and be sure to ask questions clarifying what exactly the policy is, and what it would take for the company to refund a purchase outside of the warranty window.

The FTC provides a few guidelines on what to look for. Click here for more.

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