Social media calls for award for Lauren Hill, not Caitlyn Jenner

Social media calls for award for Lauren Hill, not Caitlyn Jenner

CINCINNATI (FOX19) ESPN is on the receiving end of some criticism for making Caitlyn Jenner the recipient of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at next month’s ESPY Awards.

They’re giving it to Jenner for showing courage and for giving comfort to those facing similar circumstances as well as for educating people about the transgender community.

Many sports fans are accusing ESPN of chasing the days trend saying Jenner isn’t the right recipient.

There’s been a wave of people posting to twitter saying Lauren Hill should get that award, not Jenner.

Hill passed away in April from a rare brain tumor, but not before impacting millions around the world and raising awareness for DIPG.

An ESPN spokesperson says the feedback they got for their selection of Jenner has been overwhelmingly positive, but he declined to address the chatter on social media about Jenner being the wrong choice.

Devon and Leah Still were also mentioned as potential recipients, but they’ll be getting a different award, the Jimmy V Perseverance Award that same night.

“It’s ironic, driving into work today I kept thinking, if we could just get rid of the ESPYs, and have everybody donate money to pediatric brian cancer, that would be even better. I think Lauren would love it. She might even say that, if she were standing here today,” said Mount St. Joseph women’s basketball coach Dan Benjamin.

The Cure Starts Now, the organization Lauren helped raise more than a million dollars in her name, is right now going through grant requests for cancer research. The group is able to give out twice as much in grant money this year because of Lauren’s efforts, including their end of the year telethon. Keith Desserich from The Cure Starts Now says that should be Lauren’s legacy.

“She epitomized what courage was all about. With that being said, awards weren’t why she did it. She did it just for these kids, she did it for that home run cure, she did it for the Cure Starts Now and trying to come up with those fundings,” Desserich said.

ESPN in a statement announcing the Arthur Ashe courage award winner, ESPN said.

“The Arthur Ashe Courage Award is meant to honor individuals whose contributions transcend sports through courageous action. Sometimes that courage is demonstrated over the course of a lifetime and sometimes it is demonstrated in a single act that shines a light on an important contemporary issue. At all times, there are many worthy candidates. This year, we are proud to honor Caitlyn Jenner embracing her identity and doing so in a public way to help move forward a constructive dialogue about progress and acceptance.”

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