Kansas City man questions city repair job that followed botched city project

Kansas City man questions city repair job that followed botched city project


Michael O’Bar is frustrated with a recent city repair job that followed a botched city project.

The problems started when city crews went digging for a manhole in his front yard. No manhole was ever found.

Crews left, closed the project and left the O’Bars with a giant hole. Additionally, workers hauled away the dirt, damaged sprinklers and cracked the driveway. 

KCTV5 News thought we helped the family solve the problem. The city promised to fill the hole and fix the damage. But, the O’Bar’s questioned the quality of the repair work.

“I was told it’ll be just like it was before we were even here. Obviously, it’s not,” O’Bar said.

O’Bar says neighbors stop by and question what happened. He says the driveway is mismatched and workers spray painted sections of the driveway and just left it that way.

“The city said this will fade and over time it will fade in and it will look okay. But I think it looks horrible! They’ve devalued my property and defaced my property,” O’Bar said.

KCTV5 reached out to the city water department. They sent the following statement:

We apologize for Mr. O’Bar’s unhappiness with the restoration work done in his driveway. We responded to his concerns and had a 3rd party powerwash his driveway. This successfully removed the stain and paint marking.

O’Bar says the power washing improved the appearance slightly but degraded the concrete and he still considers his driveway an eyesore. He’d like the city to fully replace his driveway so it’s a solid color that matches. He’s now in a battle with the city’s legal department.

“I would like to know if the mayor would be OK with this? Would this be acceptable for his property?” questions O’Bar.

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