Homeowner says botched city project left him with giant hole in front yard

Homeowner says botched city project left him with giant hole in front yard


Six weeks ago, Kansas City Water Services went searching for an underground manhole they hoped to raise to ground level. They showed up at the O’Bar’s home and began digging.

The O’Bars were stunned they weren’t notified first and even more shocked when workers simply abandoned the project leaving them with the hole

“Once they got in there and started digging it became eight-feet deep 10x10x10. And there is no manhole in there,” said Michael O’Bar.

The O’Bars waited for workers to come back and finish the project. However, new workers showed up to dig a hole and discovered another crew had already been there. The O’Bars questioned who would fill the hole? No one ever did.

“There are kids in this neighborhood! It bothers me and it should bother the city! I didn’t call them to come out a dig a hole in my yard and leave it!” O’Bar said.

The family tried to report the problem to the city using 311 but was informed the project was closed and resolved. What’s left is their responsibility because it’s their property.

The O’Bars pointed out the workers even hauled off all the dirt making it tough and expensive to repair the mess left behind.

“In my opinion, this on them,” said O’Bar.

 KCTV5 News tracked down that the water department was the responsible party.  Within 48 hours after KCTV5 contacted the water department, trucks began hauling dirt back to the O’Bars. The water department has replaced the damaged section of the driveway and fixed the sprinkler system.

They released this statement:

We understand Mr. O’Bar’s frustration and we apologize for the time it’s taken to restore the excavation at his home.  The delay was the result of a couple of internal errors and we are reviewing what happened to minimize those errors from happening in the future.  Repair and restoration work is now underway and expected to be substantially complete next week.  We appreciate the customer’s persistence in getting this situation addressed and we will continue to focus on improving our workflow processes.

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