Confide app cracked by Colorado man in spare time

Confide app cracked by Colorado man in spare time


The Confide messaging app that has been the source of so much controversy may have another problem — security.

Confide is a multi-million dollar app. It promises privacy and encryption. App makers say the information self-destructs once the message is read.

But a Colorado man, who tested out the app in his spare time, now questions how it all works. He contacted KCTV5’s investigative department. 

“I kind of check things out to see how broken they are. I tried to take a screenshot didn’t work so I dug deeper,” Carlos Inniss said.

Inniss made a video showing how easy it is to duplicate messages on some devices. He originally contacted Confide’s security team and reported the problem but says he was blown off.

So, he decided to contact an investigative reporter who has written stories on Confide. KCTV5 has reported on that app in connection to former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

“Reading how the white house uses it. It raised an alarm. It’s supposed to be secure and it’s not,” Inniss said.

Inniss messaged on Confide with our investigative reporter, Angie Ricono. Within seconds, he copied and pasted the message and texted the information to her phone. He also took videos of the entire process showing what he did.

Our investigative department learned Inniss had a clever idea that worked on Android devices, but our investigative team could not duplicate the process on iPhones. Of course, the easiest workaround is to simply take a picture if you have a spare phone.

KCTV5 reached out to Confide. They provided this statement:

This was something that required the use of special hardware or software to abuse the accessibility feature provided by the Android operating system for people who are blind or have low vision. This was not specific to Confide and could be applied to all Android apps. We have already added additional protections to the Confide Android app to prevent this type of abuse. Privacy and security is at the heart of everything we do and we are continuously evolving the Confide platform to provide our users with the safest messaging experience possible.

Inniss disputes that he abused any features for blind people. He says Confide is embarrassed that some random guy from Colorado can just figure out how to bypass it in his spare time.

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