Real Men Wear Pink

The Real Men Wear Pink is a campaign for community leaders to lead the fight against breast cancer alongside the American Cancer Society. We ask men to commit to raising $2,500 and wear pink every day in October. Why men? Because men are the primary caretakers of breast cancer patients AND men get breast cancer too. We want to shed light on how breast cancer impacts men from both angles—this is not just a woman’s disease!

The American Cancer Society Real Men Wear Pink campaign gives men a leadership role in the fight against breast cancer. Community leaders around the nation use the power of pink to raise awareness and money for the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer initiatives, including innovative research, patient services, and education around screenings and risk reduction. It’s one important way we’re attacking cancer from every angle. Help us raise awareness and money to fight breast cancer. Join us, along with The American Cancer Society, in the fight against breast cancer!